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KL Plumber Services

General Plumbing

We cater to all general plumbing jobs no matter how big or small they are. No plumbing task is too small for us. We believe in delivering the highest quality of plumbing service no matter the project size.

Leaking Pipes

At KL Plumbers, we specialize in employing cutting edge technology such as digital leak detection equipment to quickly identify a leak that may have taken place in your home or office and propose remedial solutions.

Pipe Relining

We are also experts when it comes to pipe relining, which is a method of repairing broken or cracked pipes from the inside. This is a much better way to extend a pipe’s lifetime instead of hacking and reinstalling a new piping system.

Toilet & Tap Repairs

KL Plumbers are also specialists when it comes to repairing all types of toilets and taps. So no matter if you have a conventional toilet or a high-tech electrical Japanese toilet installed in your home or office – we can certainly fix and service it.

Hot Water Systems

We are proud that at KL Plumbers we have installed and repaired over 2000+ hot water systems over the years and are very experienced in ensuring that your hot water system is installed correctly and serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains could often be a pain to deal with most people. At KL Plumbers, we are experts at ensuring a blocked drainage system, no matter where it is – is quickly cleared and has a minimal chance of recurring with proper prevention techniques.

Backflow Prevention

KL Plumbers also have wide experience in installing and servicing backflow prevention devices to protect your water supply from pollution or contamination due to backflow.

Water Filters

The quality of water we drink determines our health over the long term. At KL Plumbers, we also specialize in installing various types of water filters and filtration systems to ensure that your home or office has access to clean, purified and healthy water at all times.

4 Easy Steps to Book Your KL Plumbing Appointment


Our friendly plumber would pay a visit to your premises


Our plumber would then discuss the various plumbing solutions & costing with you


You choose the plumbing repair solution that suits you best and the job is done!

With more than 30 years combined experience as professional Kuala Lumpur plumbers, we have had all of our plumber licenses and insurance from day one and are one of the most often called upon 24 hour plumber Kuala Lumpur has to offer – and for good reason.

Our clients trust us to come as quickly as possible, any time of day or night, but they also trust that we are going to solve the problem just as quickly – and our 57+ 5 star reviews on Google alone are a testament to our ability to get the job done.

On top of that, we offer cheap emergency services in the Kuala Lumpur community and beyond. This gives all of our clients the ability to sleep a little easier, knowing that they aren’t going to see their money flooding down the drain when they see the water in their plumbing flooding everywhere but down the drain.

Kuala Lumpur’s Favourite Local Plumbers

It’s also important that you work with the best plumber Kuala Lumpur has to offer that utilizes the latest tools and technology to best understand exactly what kind of emergency you are dealing with in the first place.

AtKL Plumber, our plumbers are trained to use the latest technology available and any tools available at their disposal to diagnose, resolve, and future proof any of the emergency plumbing issues you may be dealing with. This allows our plumbers to move quickly but it also allows you to rest a lot easier knowing that the emergency isn’t just resolved, but it’s going to be prevented from happening ever again in the future.